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Done In A Day

Are you ready to stop wasting money on boosted posts and time on learning how to set up ads on your own?

We created Done In A Day to help business owners who want to start using paid ads but aren't quite ready to commit to monthly management fees.

Are you ready to stop wasting money on boosted posts and time on learning how to set up ads on your own?
We created Done In A Day to help business owners who want to start using paid ads but aren't quite ready to commit to monthly management fees.

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Done In A Day - Quick Facebook Ads Setup

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The most common mistakes made with ads...

You're not on your own

You're not using a clear, effective strategy for your customer


You're actually boosting posts and not using Facebook Ads (trust us, there's a huge difference)


You've been using the wrong campaign objective


You're not targeting or speaking to different stages of the funnel and thus bringing people onto the website that aren't converting


Which is exactly why we launched Done In A Day

We've had countless small to medium business owners come to us, struggling to make ads work or find the time to learn how to run them successfully

We want to help YOU successfully leverage paid ads for your business even if you're not quite ready to invest in an ads manager.

Done In A Day is designed to help business owners set up their ad campaigns & funnels quickly and effectively by an expert using proven strategies WITHOUT the monthly management fee.

That's right, you can still utilise our strategies & expertise, but maintain the control and management of the ads in-house yourselves using the knowledge we handover to you in our 1:1 call.

So, how does this work?

phase one

audit & analysis

Pre-consultation questionnaire and analysis of your current business and ads you may have running to ensure we have everything we need to create your bespoke ads strategy.

phase two


We will jump inside your Ads Manager and create all your custom, lookalike and interest based audiences. Create ready-to-launch ad campaigns including ad copy suggestions and UTM parameters for tracking.

phase three

1:1 handover call

1:1 video call where we run you through an introduction to Facebook Ads Manager, your bespoke strategy and how to analyse, manage and optimise your campaigns for future.
Learn exactly how to use your new strategy successfully.

phase four

check-in call

We don't just leave you there. We want to make sure you are happy and comfortable with your new ads.
Within 4-6 weeks after the initial set-up, we arrange a 30-min check-in call to answer any questions you have and support you with analysing performance.

Audience builder we use for our clients including suggested cold audiences
10 minute iOS14 video with details on tracking

Plus these extra resources...

In addition to setting up your ads campaigns, you will also receive a presentation with introduction to Facebook Ads Manager, along with detailed information and timeline on how to analyse your ads and manage them for 2+ months.

Bespoke Strategy Presentation & Recording

You will receive...

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Client Success Story

first £4k month within 30 days of vip day

jewellery brand

This client's 1:1 Day was on the 1st December and since then they achieved their first ever £4k month, with a 49% increase in online sales using the ads strategy we created.

This allowed them to immediately generate a return on their investment within 14 days of Done In A Day.


iman, the wanderful wayfarer
done in a day client

I couldn't have asked for a better experience with the Done in a Day service! It was above and beyond my expectations.  I've been wanting to work with you and your team since August and I'm so glad I did. It is, hands down, one of the best investments I've made in my business!

 I was amazed with how much was done and how much information was given to me! It feels great to know that not only is everything all (properly!) set up - from audiences to the pixel to funnels, but that I now feel equipped to set up new ads in the future.

I've ran ads before in the past and, because I had no idea what I was doing, I knew I was just setting my money on fire. After Done in a Day, it feels great to have everything set up for me for December and January - from ads, to audiences, to funnels, to a properly set up FB pixel. It feels even better to know how much I learned about Ads Manager and how to properly set up ads for the future. I feel a lot less intimidated by all of it now! I also love that there is a follow up call set up in the future to check in on everything because having the support from an expert team is unparalleled.

I'm super glad that I invested in working with Develop Digital because I now feel so empowered to run ads!


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Pay in full

One time payment

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3 payments of

Payment plan

The Investment

Ready to get started?

(+ VAT)

(+ VAT)

You're a small-medium or new businesses who's ready to start utilising paid ads but isn't quite ready commit to the monthly ads management fee

You want your ads set up quickly and efficiently by an expert

You're currently running Facebook Ads and not generating the results you'd like, and are seeking an ads manager's guidance

This is for you if...

understand the effects of ios14 on ads and how to manage this with utm parameters

understand exactly how to analyse, manage and optimise your ads strategy yourself

be equipped with ready-to-launch facebook ad campaigns, both evergreen & seasonal

know exactly how to navigate and use facebook business manager

By the end of this Done In A Day, you will...

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Yes absolutely! In this case we will request analyst access of your ad account so that we can analyse what you have been doing before and provide the best suggestions.

Due to the research and bespoke work involved prior to and during the session, this service is non-refundable once booked.

We will ask you to complete a questionnaire in order to gather information prior to the session to make sure the strategy is completely tailored to you.

Due to the everchanging nature of Facebook Ads, as well as the fact we will not be managing your ads on a monthly basis, it is not possible to offer a guarantee with this service.

We will set up your service using a proven strategy we recommend for your niche, however the maintaining and running of the ads will be down to you and your team.

We also cannot predict results with Facebook Ads due to the nature of the service.

If you would like us to run and manage your Facebook Ads for you, then our ads management service is more suitable. Please inquire about this here.

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