Stop putting off a Facebook Ads strategy that could be generating you £££'s in sales

Maybe you've dabbled in Facebook Ads yourself and they didn't work out quite how you expected 😖

And you've been left confused, wondering how the heck are you actually supposed to get results? 🤷

You know there's a level of strategy that leads to the "holy cr*p, how did they do it?!" kinda return on investment you see your competitors produce.

You've realised it's not as simple as creating a quick ad. And we tooootally get it!

There is a high level of skill & understnding that go into creating ads that actually convert...

And you guessed it, we're here to share it ALLLL with you! 😍

Creating ads that convert should not feel like an impossible task...

Can you imagine how it would feel to...

consistently generate sales from more new customers 

remove your confusion behind facebook ads and know exactly how to make them work for you

learn the secrets behind generating results after the ios14 tracking update in 2021

understand how to create a strategy for your business that actually works to achieve your objectives (aka more sales)

feel confident you will generate a return on investment from the hard earned money you spend on ads

Everyone we work with now feels this way, and we want you to as well!

i wanna feel like this!

Relying on your organic following can grow your business to a certain level.

But how can you reach NEW customers?

How can you get in front of more people who want to buy from you?

It's time to break through your monthly revenue barriers, expand your sales channels, and automate the acquisition of more high-value customers.

Get more sales from more NEW customers

You may be aware of how powerful Facebook Ads can be.

You may have tried boosting a few posts yourself, tried a few ad campaigns, or even placed your hard-earned ad dollars in the hands of someone who didn't deliver.

But quickly turned the ads off when you realised your hard-earned cash was being wasted on nothing but an experiment with no returns.

The truth is, it's much easier to waste money on the wrong ads strategy, than it is to see results.

Take the guesswork out of profitable Facebook ads

If you're ready to finally learn how to create ads that convert

Then buckle ya seatbelts, cos we're ready to help!

Learn exactly how to take your ecommerce business to the next level and generate consistent, reliable sales revenue $$$ using paid ads

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The Facebook Ads course for ecommerce brands who are ready to learn EXACTLY how to run ads effectively for their business and sustainably grow their revenue & sales, even after iOS14!! (If you don't know what iOS14 is - you kinda need this!)


You shouldn't be wasting money and time on the wrong ads strategy.
Instead learn exactly how to use the right ads strategy to convert more customers and sustainably grow your business every.single.month

What's possible when you use paid ads OUR way...

  • You have no control over who your organic posts reach.
  • Imagine the potential you will unlock by intentionally showing up on your ideal customers' newsfeeds.

Paid ads are the quickest and most efficient way to reach & convert NEW customers every single day!

Constant flow of NEW customers

  • The right strategy has the potential to generate you unimaginable returns!
  • Our clients have gotten anything from 4x to 11x return on their ad spend!! 😍
  • With the right strategy combined with high quality creatives, the same is possible for you! Are you ready?

Incredible return on investment

  • Tired of staring at your store waiting for the next sale?
  • You have the time and inventory for a sales boom, but they aren't showing up.

Facebook Ads run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, accelerating the process of converting new potential buyers!

Consistent increase in sales revenue

£1.3k ad spend to generate £10k+ revenue in one month, 7 x roas

$21k ad spend to generate $90k+ revenue in 3 months, 4.29 x roas

£3.7k ad spend to generate £25k revenue in 2 months, 6.7x roas

inside this course we teach you the exact process & strategies we use to generate these results

How do we know this?
We've seen exactly what ads can do...

i want these results!

Having no idea if you're actually targeting the right people and how to retarget your warmed up audiences

When you join Create Ads That Convert you could...

go from feeling like...

we've created the solution to fast forward your growth...

Knowing exactly how to leverage custom audiences whilst finding new ideal customers. That's right - no more uncertainty if you're reaching the right people or not!

Feeling scared to invest in ads, constantly putting them off because you're not totally sure what you're doing - especially with iOS14?!

No more iOS14 overwhelm - get ahead of the curve with bespoke tracking solutions and up-to-date strategies that put you in front of your competitors!

to feeling like...

go from feeling like...

to feeling like...

go from feeling like...

to feeling like...

go from feeling like...

to feeling like...

go from feeling like...

to feeling like...

go from feeling like...

to feeling like...

go from feeling like...

to feeling like...

go from feeling like...

to feeling like...

go from feeling like...

to feeling like...

go from this...

to this...

go from this:

to this:

Playing the guessing game with boosted posts and a few random ad campaigns, hoping and praying they'll bring a return 🙏

Knowing exactly how to create an ad campaign using proven ecommerce strategies. Feeling confident you know how to create, test, manage and scale your ads!

go from this:

to this:

What's inside when you join Create Ads That Convert...

How to create high quality retargeting, interest based and lookalike audiences

The formula to creating effective, high converting ad copy and creatives 

The right campaigns to use to generate consistent sales and maximise your budget

How to analyse which ads are and aren't working so you never waste budget on failing campaigns!

PLUS the secret behind getting results post iOS14 with the EXACT 3rd party tracking software we use in our agency

This Facebook Ads course is everything you need to know:

8-module program carefully developed to show you exactly how to create ads that convert from start to finish

Short, targeted tutorials that will guide you on how to build, manage, test, optimise, and scale your advertising for optimal success!

Live bi-weekly Q+A Sessions with Caitlin or Charlotte inside the private Facebook community group!

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LIVE Group Coaching Calls + Private Community

We understand ads can be confusing, so we're here to support YOU! So you never feel alone running ads again.

Every two weeks we will go LIVE in the Facebook group! These calls will answer your questions, audit your ad accounts and provide advice on your stores!

This is INCREDIBLE value and will allow you to feel supported through your journey!

group support

Ready? Let's Get Started!

What are ads used for and the exact checklist of everything you need set-up to prepare yourself for success with ads

How to create a successful funnel which takes people from "who the heck are you" to "oh my gosh I need this product!" through strategic paid ads

module one

Set Your Account Up For Success + Intro to iOS14! 

Never guess if you have everything set up inside Business Manager with a complete tutorial on the platform

Everything you need set up including how to master your Facebook Pixel 

Complete breakdown of iOS14 tracking changes, delayed attribution and how to proof your account

module two

Laser Target Your Customers

Leverage your warmed up audiences by mastering effective custom audiences

Find your ideal customers on Facebook with high quality interest based and lookalike audiences

How to target broad audiences with new audience testing strategy

module three

Here's what we will cover...

Building Blocks of a Campaign 

Understand the correct campaign objectives for maximal conversions

Never waste money on the wrong campaign objective again!

Know exactly how to create your first or next ad with confidence

module four

Creatives For Conversions

Commicate your offer effectively to your ideal audience with high-converting ad copy

The key to scroll-stopping ad creatives and how to make them yourself!

The BEST types of creatives for ecommerce brands

module five

Crafting Your Bespoke Strategy 

The difficult part of creating the right strategy personalised to you: COVERED!

Target customer drop-offs effectively whilst filling your funnel with new potential customers 

How many ads you should create and how to structure them depending on your budget

The secret to effectively testing to find out what works for YOU!

module six

Ok My Ads Are On... What Now?!

Learn the metrics you actually need to pay attention, and what they mean for your ads

How to manage & analyse ads so you never waste money on underperforming campaigns

How to know if your ads are actually profitable

module seven

Mastering iOS14 Changes

The best part... get ahead of your competitors with our secret iOS14 tracking softwares 

Never feel confused about how to handle iOS14 with up to date solutions

How to effectively measure & report performance

module eight

i want access to all this!

All this.. PLUS Bonus Worksheets & Resources 

  • Get access to the exact audience builder we use internally with 200+ cold interest suggestions!
  • Identify exactly who you are targeting with the define your customer persona worksheet
  • Craft magnetic ad copy with our ad copy creator!

fast action bonuses

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Join Now To Get Access To 3 Exclusive Lessons

Email Marketing (Value £197)

Facebook Ads + Email Marketing = A match made in heaven.
Learn exactly how to create a succesful email flow on Klaviyo to boost your store performance!

Shopify Store Optimisation (Value £297)

The destination you send your ads traffic to is just as important as the ads themselves. 
Identify how to optimise your store and improve store performance.

When To Outsource Your Ads (Value £97)

Questions we get all the time are... ok I've ran the ads, how do I know when I can outsource this?

Wonder no more as we've got you covered in this bonus module!

We're your eCom paid ads expert duo! 👯

Our mission is to help ecommerce brands overcome their negative experiences and poor paid ad results by offering the most effective tactics for putting you in front of your ideal customers, converting more purchases, and growing your business!

With Charlotte's creative experience in fashion and Caitlin's 7+ years (and Master's Degree 🎓) in digital marketing, we decided to team up to help eCom brands thrive through paid advertising!

Now it's your time to experience these levels of results, don't ya think?!

Tripled our client's revenue in 3 months to produce  a record-breaking month of sales

Doubled our client's revenue from £26k to £54k in just TWO months

Generated $110k extra revenue in just 3 months for our haircare client with a 5 x return on ad spend

Hi, we're Charlotte & Caitlin! 👋

We run paid advertising for our clients every day, so we've accomplished a few things...


Don't just take our word for it!

Results We've Seen Our Clients Achieve 🤩💸


Charlotte and her team are amazing! I went from knowing nothing about Facebook ads to knowing alot more thanks to them. They helped me tremendously in finding my target audience and getting my brand more out there!


the wanderful wayfarer

It feels even better to know how much I learned about Ads Manager and how to properly set up ads for the future. I feel a lot less intimidated by all of it now! 
Having the support from an expert team is unparalleled. I'm super glad that I invested in working with Develop Digital because I now feel so empowered to run ads!


Get Access To All Of This At An Exclusive Launch Price!

ready, set, go!

Ready? Let's Get Started! (Value £97)

Set Your Account Up For Success + Intro to iOS14! (Value £197)

Laser Target Your Customers Step-By-Step Videos (Value £197)

Custom Audience Checklist + Audience Builder (Value £97)

Building Blocks of a Campaign (Value £97)

Creatives For Conversions (Value £197)

Crafting Your Bespoke Strategy (Value £297)

Ok My Ads Are On... What Now?! (Value £497)

Mastering iOS14 Changes + Our Exclusive 3rd Party Tracking Software (Value £1997)

Bi-Weekly Live Grouping Calls With Charlotte & Caitlin (Value £2997)

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2 easy payments of

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one easy payment

Total value £7,291

join today with one of these early bird price options (p.s the price will never be this low again!)

PLUS BONUS Email Marketing, Shopify Optimisation and Outsourcing Lessons (Bonus Value £591, INCLUDED)

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Is Create Ads That Convert Right For Me?

You're an ecommerce brand already generating sales organically and ready to fast forward your growth!

You are ready to INVEST your time, energy and money into ads long term

You are craving the next growth level and you know paid ads will help you get there!

You're a start-up brand and aren't already generating sales organically

You're a bricks & mortar or service based business

You're not generating revenue already and want to invest in ads out your own pocket (please don't do this!)

this is perfect for you if...

it is not for you if...

Can we be honest with you?

Facebook Ads are NOT the silver bullet to 6-figure months.

They require time, expertise, knowledge and management. Long term.

Furthermore, by 2022, Facebook Ads are becoming sophisticated and competitive than they have ever been.

It's no longer enough to run a few retargeting ads and expect the same ROAS as before.

That was taken away from us by Apple's iOS14 privacy change, and you must now adapt and adjust your tactics for 2022.

And if you want to see results, you'll need expert help to guide you through the process.

Get Instant Access Today With This Exclusive Launch Price!

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2 easy payments of

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one easy payment

Total value £7,291

100% Risk Free
14 Day Guarantee

We are so confident in the value and energy we've channeled into this program, but we want you to feel confident and happy with enrolling.

So, if you join, watch all the lessons and put your ad campaign live and still aren't happy with the program, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchase. 

Yes absolutely! Every 2 weeks Charlotte or Caitlin (or sometimes both!) will be going LIVE in the private Facebook group to answer your questions, audit ad accounts and provide support.
(Plus these will be recorded!)

Will I receive live support from you?

Yes absolutely - you get lifetime access! The paid ads space is changing all the time. As and when we find new strategies, software and information - we will always up date you. 

Will I get access to updates in the program?

You can, if you want. We've found when you search for free content you either become overwhelmed, or it's all out of date. Plus when you financially commit to something of high quality you are so much more likely to take action!

Can't I just Google this stuff for free?

Facebook Business Manager can be intimidating when you first enter. Trust us, we've been there! That's why we've included tutorials running through EVERYTHING you need to feel confident using the platform.

I'm not very tech savvy. I'm worried I won't be able to run ads myself?

Let's Answer Your Questions!

something holding you back?

Join now >

Let's do this!

so... Are you in?

Due to the nature of investing in paid ads and the many variables that can affect this - results will vary from business to business. CC Group & Dose of Digital Ltd makes no guarantees, promises or projections about future sales, revenue or results.  The results shared on this page are from current clients and serve as a demostration for what could be possible with paid ads. These screenshots in no way guarantee the level of results you may receive. Knowing this, although you will be following this course, you may not receive the sales or income desired.  After purchase, your access granted to the course content is immediate and completely confidential to you. You may not share the course material or content with anybody outside of the course. This website and course is not a part of Facebook or Facebook Inc., and is not endorsed by Facebook in any way.

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