take the guesswork out of creating facebook ads that actually convert to sales

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Remove the confusion from creating ads that actually convert and unlock 200+ interest targeting ideas, custom audience checklist, campaign objective guide, ad copy creator guide + high-converting creatives swipe files to help you generate more sales and conversions from your ads!

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Learn how to create your first or next high-converting  Facebook Ads with the...


You're aware of the power of paid ads.

You’ve seen the results from other experts, you’ve seen your competitor’s running them.

You know they have the power to completely transform your business and grow your business at a much faster rate.

Relying on organic presence is great until a certain point. It allows you to generate sales, engage with customers and build connections.

But you want to reach MORE people and convert MORE customers.

And to do so, you need to reach more of your ideal customers and tell them about your product.

So, how can you do that?

By learning how to utilise Facebook Ads to generate sales for you on autopilot.

So, on those days you may not have time to post and engage with your audience in order to generate sales… the ads are running 24/7 in the background doing the work for you.

Sounds great doesn’t it?

But where do you start when it comes to knowing the best images or videos to convert your customers?

How do you effectively communicate the benefits and reasons why your products are so great to potential buyers?

And when you’ve figured this out, how do you know the right audiences to target with your ads?

We understand ads can be overwhelming when you’re starting out.

And with everything else going on in your business - product development, fulfilling orders, posting to socials, providing customer service…

We can take a guess that learning Facebook Ads isn’t exactly top of the list.

Which is why we are SO excited to introduce you to the Create Ads That Convert Toolkit.

Key custom audiences to retarget, including website visitors, Instagram audience, email list and more.

Video walkthrough of setting up your Business Manager so you are completely confident to start running ads

200+ interest targeting ideas to smash your cold audience ads

Guide to every campaign objective plus our personal recommendations for the best campaigns to generate you sales

High-converting creatives + copy guides with a swipe file of competitor examples. PLUS bonus copy brainstorming worksheet

What's Inside...


Usually £87

Order now for just £27

Alongside over 200+ interest targeting ideas for multiple niches, you will also recieve a bonus masterclass walking you through the 2 key types of audiences and how to create the best strategy utilising both.

Bonus masterclass on cold audience targeting

Gain clarity on how to target the right people with your product

plus bonus audience masterclass

Usually £87

Order now for just £27

Custom audience clarity to retarget your warmest audiences

Effectively communicating your offer with clear creates & copy

Clarity and confidence you have everything set up ready to create your next high-converting ad campaigns

Ready-to-use cold audience targeting ideas + lookalikes to continually feed up your funnel

And hello to...

Wasting money targeting the wrong people

Not communicating your offer effectively

Feeling completely lost navigating Facebook Business Manager

feeling uncertain if you are retargeting your ready-to-buy audiences

Wave Goodbye to...

We're Charlotte & Caitlin, ecommerce growth & digital marketing experts.
Aside from our combined 9 years experience working in Digital Marketing (and Caitlin's Masters Degree), we work with ecommerce brands across a variety of countries, niches, budgets and sizes using powerful Facebook & Instagram strategies to increase their revenue.

We're on a mission to help businesses small and large, whether you're completely new to ads or not, to grow their revenue using paid ads effectively.

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